Hear details on the 98th Legislative Session and the role PRE played in getting good legislation voted into law and danageous legislation killed.
South Dakota was first to implement a version of Obamacare before there was a President Obama. It seems we’re also a leader in other government schemes…
Yesterday Governor Kristi Noem vetoed a bill that could have been a blow to personal freedom and the long term viability of commercial banks.
The Life Defense Fund will be providing training on how to encourage the public to DECLINE TO SIGN the Radical Abortion Petition.
Join the team working to defeat the extreme abortion amendment.
Interview: Representative Karla Lems, Part 2Listen now | Budget and tax cut proposals
Interview: Representative Karla Lems, D16Listen now | Part 1, Eminent Domain and E-currency
Fear of change propels a bill that limits the role of precinct committee people through the Senate. EMAIL the House State Affairs Committee TODAY and…
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Patriot Ripple Effect